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Friday Night - Oct 16, 1998

I don't think we could have asked for better weather for a sail. A little more wind perhaps, but the weather was absolutely perfect. Clear, warm, a nice breeze. I guess that's why we pay the big bucks to live here.

A number of club members got together at Spinnaker Sailing on the 16th to relax after a busy week and enjoy the last of the summer. Skipper Stan Phillips was joined by Dawn Evans, James Donald, Shirley Burek, and Paul Espinosa. Boat #2, skippered by Greg, was crewed by Safdar Nawaz, Gil McCoy, and Doug Atler. Ames photographer Dominic Hart was in a third boat to photograph this historic event. Check the Photo Album to see his great shots. Thanks Dominic!

   -- Greg

The Results Are In

A total of 32 people have responded to our online survey up to this point & I thought I'd post a few of the more interesting findings here.
  • 47% of the people responding say they're novice sailors, 47% believe they're intermediate or above (2 people don't know)
  • 7 respondents plan to buy a boat in the "foreseeable future"
  • 12 respondents think the club should buy a boat at some point, 12 say "No"
  • 20 respondents believe a dues increase is fair and reasonable to support added benefits
  • Quite a few people (> 50%) are interested in instruction leading toward certification
  • For those interested in cruising, the Caribbean, the Med, Catalina, and Hawaii are the most popular destinations
  • 88% like the "beercan" format racing, 56% want to get into team racing and there are 8 crazies out there wanting to get into the more serious stuff

   -- Greg

Sierra Point Beer Can Race #5 - Sep 12

What was supposed to be the 5th and final Saturday Beer Can Race turned into a wonderful daysail up to Clipper Cove at Treasure Island. Because of a number of reasons; not enough boats, someone forgot the inflator for the race marks, and general laziness, the race was cancelled and a new plan was initiated.

The good crew of 'Imi Loa which consisted of ASC President Greg Sherwood, Dr. Henry McDonald (yes, that Dr. McDonald), ASC members Jeff Smith and Paul Birch and his wife, and James Donald, was joined by ASC member Frank Hui and Fritz Renema on SPYC race organizer John Felch's Cal 36 Boogie Wacket. Another Sierra Point YC boat, Pina, a Beneteau First 35.5 skippered by Alan Grace, also joined in the fun.

We had a nice sail up the bay from Brisbane then had to crank up the engine to get through the "hole" under the Bay Bridge. Once under the bridge, we caught the wind for awhile then decided to motorsail along the Embarcadero/Pier 39 before heading downwind to TI. There were a couple of interesting moments as we jibbed to go behind a rather large ship but the crew prevailed and we sailed around TI and into Clipper Cove to raft up with John and Alan.

We spent an hour and a half or so, talking and enjoying the late afternoon, munching snacks and quaffing a liquid refreshment or two. We weighed anchor about 6:15 to head back south.

It was a beautiful evening sail past Pier 40 and South Beach Marina as the sun set behind Sutro Tower. Then the sun went behind the hills, the wind died and the engine came on. We had to fight a pretty stiff current coming around Hunters Point and south to our home channel but we eventually made it.

   -- Greg

Club "Stuff" is now available!

Starting this week, you can order mens and ladies shirts, jerseys, hats, and bags, all with the cool club emblem, directly from this website! We've made our most popular selections available in an easy to use format so all you have to do is fill out the form and make your selections. An invoice is automagically generated and you print it out & send it in. What could be easier? (Don't answer that)

There is also a full catalog of stuff available if you want to be difficult. Just come to one of our regular monthly meetings & have a look.

   -- Greg

Hot August Night Series #4 - Aug 26

The fourth and final Wednesday night race is history and a great time was had by all. A lot of us are disappointed they're over but there's always next year. Maybe we can do a winter series for the hard-core crazies.

Again, there were two ASC entries, with Stan and Greg as skippers. The indomitable crew members were Becky Hooey, Brian Gore, Jorge Rios (our "lucky" winner), Bobbi Meyer, Jeff Smith and Klaos Havelund. Conditions were about as good as you could wish for as we all got off to a great start for a change. Everyone was in a pretty tight pack until an extremely large barge decided to start practicing docking maneuvers in the middle of the channel. A number of boats were cut off from the rest of the fleet & had to noodle around for awhile until we could get by. This basically turned it into a two boat race between the ASC entries. Stan & Greg traded positions for much of the race until the final mile or so when Greg got a windward advantage & slipped by. It looked like things were pretty much decided until about 100 yards in front of the line, the wind died. Stan had a better line on the finish so Greg tried to go wing-on-wing to no avail. Alas, Stan snuck by and statched victory from the jaws of defeat.

The barbeque and "awards" ceremony were a blast & many lies were told.

   -- Greg

Hot August Night Series #3 - Aug 19

At the 3rd weekly Wednesday Night Race at Spinnaker Sailing in Redwood City, there were two NASA entries, one skippered by Stan Phillips and one by Greg Sherwood. Conditions were challenging with about 15 to 20 knots of wind and a good turnout for the race - about 15 boats. It was very close at the half way mark, with about 7 boats rounding together in a scramble for position and right of way. Participants included Becky Hooey, Brian Gore, Dawn Evans, James Donald, Bobbi Meyer and Allan Meyer. In addition to having a lot of fun, we are enthusiastic about our prospects for the series as the fourth week approaches. The race organizer even noted that we have an excellent shot at "most improved"!!

Ames Employee Appreciation Day - Sailing Club Booth

The Ames Sailing Club monitored a table at the Ames Employee Appreciation Day and gave lots of information out to prospective members. Thanks to all the club members that helped out.

The new embroidered shirts and hat were a hit! You will soon be able to place your order on the website.

A total of 116 people fed the iguana to enter the drawing for the place in the race this Wednesday. The lucky winner is Jorge Rios! Hope you have a great race this Wednesday Jorge! The runner up was Dan Iller. Many of the people who entered the drawing requested information about the club and have been added to the email list. We also had a few new members sign up right at the booth!

Of course everyone can sign up to join the race teams on Wednesday nights! Get out and have some fun :)

Happy sails...

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